You won’t need to look anywhere else for your next Sailor Scout cosplay–that is, if you have the cash to spare. 

As if fashion companies haven’t done enough to celebrate Sailor Moon’s 30th anniversary, luxury fashion company Jimmy Choo has once again teamed up with Sailor Moon to bring us an absolutely gorgeous capsule collection that includes shoes and accessories modeled on all the elements we love about Sailor Moon: girl power, femininity, self-expression, individuality, courage, and hope.

Though the capsule collection includes quite a few items that are themed on the five inner Sailor Scouts as well as Luna, Jimmy Choo has only released photos of some of the items, including five stunning pairs of shoes. Inspired by the shoes the Sailor Scouts wear when fighting evil by moonlight as well as by each Sailor Scouts’ aura, personality, style, and color scheme, they’d make the perfect cosplay shoes–if they didn’t likely cost thousands of dollars.

The Sailor Moon boots, for example, are a pair of hot pink knee-high boots made with a flexible material and decorated with rhinestones. They have a streamlined shape that reflects Sailor Moon’s dynamic spirit, and with Jimmy Choo’s signature kick heel, which is finished with lacquer, these shoes are as glamorous as they should be.

Shown together with the shoes is a pretty, pink-hued shoulder bag with a pearl-studded strap, which features actual panels from the Japanese manga. This is Sailor Moon’s version of the Varenne Quad XS, which comes in a version for each inner Sailor Scout. Each purse exhibits the artwork of an important scene from the manga hued in the Sailor Scout’s signature color, along with the Jimmy Choo logo made with a facet-cut jewel. There’s also a monochromatic version featuring a kiss scene between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. We’d be hard-pressed to choose one to buy!

But let’s go back to the shoes in the collection. The Sailor Mercury ankle boots are made with a lustrous patent leather dyed aqua blue to match Sailor Mercury’s costume boots. Unlike her original knee-high boots with a low heel, however, Jimmy Choo’s iteration comes as an ankle boot with a super high, platform heel. But don’t worry, it’s a thick heel, making them practical and easy to walk in.

Sailor Mars’ pumps are very similar to what Sailor Mars wears in the anime and manga. Called the Sailor Mars patent pumps, they are slim, sharp-pointed, bright red pumps with Jimmy Choo’s signature kick heel. They give off complete boss-lady energy, perfect to wear to a different kind of battle at, say, a board meeting.

Scene kids of decades gone by would probably have gone mad for the Sailor Jupiter boots, which are hunter-green platform combat boots radiating Sailor Jupiter’s spunk and fighting spirit. They’re made with leather and built over a rubber, treaded sole, with a big block heel. We’d like to see any monsters hold up against a kick from these babies!

Last are the Sailor Venus platform pumps, which are, as you likely guessed, platform pumps with chunky heels. But what makes these shoes a vision of Sailor Venus’ dazzling glamor is their gold-orange color, studded with rhinestones, and the thin satin ankle strap, which looks similar to the design of her original orange pumps.

This capsule collection, which includes other mystery items not mentioned in press releases, was inspired by the absolutely stunning Crystal Boots that were designed by Jimmy Choo and put on display last year, which was a great preview for what was to come this year. The collection will be on sale worldwide starting on February 14, although they’ll only launch in Japan on 15 February. They haven’t released prices, but because they’re Jimmy Choo, we can assume they’ll cost a pretty penny. If you have the cash to spare–or just want to look at them in person–you’ll be able to find them at the Jimmy Choo Omotesando and Isetan Shinjuku stores in Tokyo, as well as on their official online boutique.

Source, images: PR Times
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