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It’s perfectly natural in Japan for a popular and well-loved anime to pair up with a clothing brand to create a sublime line of products that people will want to wear while out and about. Whether it’s jackets, jewelry, or shoes, there’s usually something for everyone.

Anime fashion site Super Groupies is one such online venue that loves to turn our favorite characters into delightful fashions. This time, they’re joining forces with the singing, dancing idol anime Prism Paradise, to create a series of vibrant and original shoes that you might want to wear even if you have no idea what Prism Paradise is.

Originally a Japanese arcade game, and later a manga and anime, Prism Paradise or PriPara, is a lively show filled with singing, dancing and, of course, girls who “superhero” transform into idols with a completely different appearance from their normal selves. Super Groupies has created a line of shoes that are modeled after the PriPara idols and their accompanying outfits. They weren’t designed to directly match the over-the-top style that their idol costumes have, but are much more subtle and classy to compliment your everyday real-life fashion.

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▼ Lala “a note to follow so” Manaka

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▼ Mirei “a name to call myself” Minami

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▼ Sophy “a needle pulling thread” Hojo

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▼ Shion “a drink with jam and bread” Todo

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▼ Dorothy “a deer, a female deer” West

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▼ Reona “a drop of golden sun” West

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All of these shoes can be bought for a limited time from 2.5 SPINNS, a store in Harajuku where you can now find Super Groupies collaborations. Each pair costs 16,000 yen (US$131.60), but when you see a pair of shoes that you love, cost isn’t usually a deciding factor.

Source, images: Super Groupies