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Japan is always on the lookout for a charismatic new character, and right now no one’s star is rising faster than Funasshi. The frenetic flailing and bubbly babbling of the anthropomorphic pear has been winning over fans across Japan and even overseas.

Soon, those who just can’t get enough of Funabashi City’s unofficial mascot can show their devotion with a pair of Funasshi shoes.

This actually isn’t Funasshi’s first foray into high fashion, last month the Laforet shopping plaza in Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood hosted the Funasshi Collection apparel event. The extremely positive response from fans during its 17 days convinced shoemaker Ubiq to create the unique Funasshi slip-ons.

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Available in sizes ranging from 22 to 26 centimeters, the 7,560-yen (US $74.10) shoes ensure that every time you look down, you’ll see Funasshi smiling right back at you. There’s even a bit of secret dressiness, as the insoles feature the well-dressed pear’s stylish red bowtie.

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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to rock your Funasshi shoes at the beach this summer. While Ubiq is currently taking preorders on its website here, they aren’t expected to ship until August 30.

▼ Given how warm most of Japan still is in September, you will still be able to pair them with some scandalously short denim short shorts, however.

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Comfortable as they look, we’re not entirely convinced that loafers are necessarily the kind of high-performance footwear fans would want for imitating Funasshi’s hyperactive jumping and gesticulating. Their feet will, however, look cute as they try.

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Source, images: Atmos
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