DM 8

Training to be the mightiest martial artist in the galaxy is thirsty work. But when you’re feeling parched after a hard day of kicking through solid rock and firing kamehameha energy blasts from your hands, doesn’t it seem just a bit below your station in life to drink from the same sort of glass as people who haven’t forged their bodies into a weapon on par with the finest blades of tempered steel?

The solution to that dilemma is one of these awesome wooden Dragon Ball mugs.

Handcrafted by the artisans at Urakita, the Dragon Ball mugs have a frame made from Japanese cedar. The company claims this construction helps keep liquids especially cool, and the resin finish means they gleam as brightly as metallic cups. There’s no need to worry about the wooden surface getting nicked or scratched, either, as each mug is protected by a clear coating.

A total of six mugs are on offer, three different designs available in 380-mililiter (12.8-ounce) and one-liter (33.8-ounce) sizes, costing 5,184 yen (US $44) for the smaller and 8,424 yen (US $71) for the larger. Displayed prominently on each mug is the symbol emblazoned on the martial arts uniform of one of Dragon Ball’s strongest fighters.

▼ Series lead Son Goku

DM 2

▼ His master/famed anime pervert Kame Sennin (also known as Master Roshi)

DM 3

▼ And adversary turned friendly rival, Piccolo

DM 4

Turn the mugs over, and you’ll find the series logo.

▼ You’ll want to do this after finishing your drink, of course.

DM 7

Speaking of finishing your drink, waiting for you at the bottom of the mug’s inside surface are some stars, just like on the wish-granting Dragon Balls themselves!

DM 6

The mugs can currently be ordered here from Urakita, but are also scheduled to be available from the Toei Animation Online Shop, Circle K Sunkus Online, and Internet retailer Mekke. While mugs purchased directly from Urakita come with a four-star design, other outlets will each have their own specific number, ranging from one to seven. Will collecting the full set grant you a wish, as shown in the anime? We’re not sure, but if it does, make sure you don’t waste yours on something as simple as a refill.

Sources: Nari Nari, Comic Natalie
Images: Comic Natalie (edited by RocketNews24)