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The storage capacity of the popular anello bags seems to rival that of Mary Poppins’ magic bag!

Of the many varieties of purses and bags in the world, none is really more convenient than the backpack. You can cram all kinds of stuff into it, it perches easily and comfortably on your back, it comes in an endless array of designs and styles, and men and women of all ages use it.

The latest backpack to take Japan by storm is Carrot Co.’s anello line of bags and it’s easy to see why. The classic colors, classic lines, and storage space appeal to a wide range of people and it has a design aesthetic that will likely never go out of style.

According to Jeans Mate store employees, anello bags started gaining attention around June of this year and were primarily being purchased by 20- to 30-year-old women. They also said the most popular style, the Tricolor, would sell out as soon as it came into stock and that these days, the bags have proven popular amongst foreign tourists as well.

Japanese Twitter users have been expressing their love for the brand since last year:

“Gotta get an anello backpack – it’s cute and cheap. Shoulder bags are pretty nice, too.”

“Finally, the ideal bag! I’d been debating a Michelin bag, but the little anello is cheap, but good. I’m so happy!”

The bags are for sale in stores throughout Japan and online. The fact that casual wear shop Jeans Mate also has dedicated space in its store for anello displays seems to be a sure sign that these bags are the “must-have” item of the summer.

anello bag 2

Summer is the time for outdoor festivals and picnics, and bags like this is essential for any of these events. They can be filled to the brim and essentials can be accessed quickly and painlessly. Possessing these qualities alone might make the anello bag invaluable.

 “The anello bag is so easy to use, it’s a must for any event. It can hold so much stuff and the side pockets are super handy. It’s cheap. anello was also at Jumpfest…seems a little like stealth marketing. Would be a great New Year’s present…”

Not wanting to be left out of all the excitement, we decided to get our hands on an anello bag to see just how good they really are.

anello bag full

We weren’t really as concerned about how attractive the bag is — we just wanted to see how many snacks we could stash inside! For the record, we were able to stuff in 11 snacks, 1 package of instant yakisoba, and enough disposable chopsticks to last a lifetime. The only downside to the bag, in our opinion, is that the size seems to run a bit small.  We got the largest size available, but somehow it still felt like we were carrying a child’s book bag.

▼ Though it could be that Ryo is just too tall…

anello bag 5

The price of anello’s bags run anywhere between 4500 yen (~US $44.96) and 5000 yen (~US $49.95) depending on the size and design.  If these aren’t your style, though, you can always opt for a grimoire bag instead!

Reference: anello Official Site
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