Have you ever seen the world’s slowest cat fight?

It wasn’t too long ago when we covered Donguri the cat, a Scottish Fold who loves to sleep on his back. He’s furry, adorable, and possesses an incredibly bushy tail that just begs to be pet.

In a recent video tweet on his very own Twitter account, Donguri found himself backed into a corner by a feisty Ragdoll. His opponent was spoiling for a fight, and there was no way to escape the impending flurry of paws.

▼ Donguri the cat on the left versus his “attacker” on the right.

Cat fights are usually punctuated by shrill cries and lightning-fast exchanges of claws, but Donguri and his Ragdoll playmate here managed to do the exact opposite.

Perhaps Ragdoll was trying to provoke a response from Donguri, but it’s obvious the Scottish Fold was torn between laying the smack down and lazing around like a bum. At least he threw in a couple of slow paw punches just to appease his friend.

The adorable exchange captured the attention of Japanese Twitter users:

“That’s an incredibly cute cat fight.”
“Bahaha! Thanks for making me laugh!”
“They are both incredibly gentle.”
“I just can’t stop smiling.”
“It’s as if they’re rehearsing for a fight.”

▼ One Twitter user even sped up the video four times. And it was still slow.

Rest assured that Donguri and his partner aren’t alone in the slow cat fight trend though, as this other cat pair clearly shows they’re not to be one-upped in a battle of slowness and softness.

Source: Twitter/@akihimatandon11
Top image: Pakutaso