The discovery in a darkened room is lighting up hearts around the internet.

Cats don’t have to do much to wrap us around their little paws. Whether they’re watching scary movies or telling their owners to be quiet, the awesome powers of feline attraction have us falling under their spell time and time again. When it comes to little kittens, though, cute levels rise so dramatically that they don’t have to do anything at all to sweep us off our feet; just their very existence is enough to have us fawning over them like besotted admirers. That’s the power of a Japanese kitty called Tetsuro-kun, who’s delighting everyone around the internet with this innocent scene behind a closed door.

When it comes to cuteness, that clip is up there at maximum levels, ready to break through to another stratosphere entirely! Lying so neatly on the bed, stretched out like a human on his back, and with his head resting on the edge of the blanket like a pillow, this kitten already knows how to chill out in style. If you keep doing things like that, Tetsuro-kun, there’s a chance you might break the internet with cuteness!

This particular bed is actually turning out to be one of kitty’s favourite places for a quiet nap, and he was spotted there a couple of days previous in the same adorable pose, only this time gazing into the lens with his beautiful eyes wide open, as pictured above. According to the owner, they’re yet to see Tetsuro-kun sleeping somewhere other than a sofa or a bed!

The cute clip has captured the hearts of cat lovers around Japan, who’ve been gushing over Tetsuro-kun with adoring comments like:

“Just looking at him fills me with happiness!”
“He looks worn out from a hard day of playing.”
“He must think he’s human!”
“You’re so lucky to see this cute bundle of joy everyday!”
“Does Tetsuro have a zipper on his back? He looks like an adorable stuffed toy!”

Tetsuro’s owner says the cat woke up just after the clip was filmed and immediately began acting like he was at an athletic meet, running around the house, full of energy as usual. To watch the cute cat as he grows up online, be sure to follow him on Twitter for regular updates. While he’s just as adorable playing around the house, its his charming sleeping pattern that wins us over every time!

Source: Buzzmag
Top Image: Twitter/@goma_chips