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Here’s the potentially awesome upside of rain on the day you’re going up Tokyo’s tallest structure.

Many Japanese cities have observation towers in them, and taking a ride up to the top is a great way to see just how sprawling and dense the country’s urban centers are. Most people will tell you, though, that the best views are in the winter, when humidity is at its lowest and visibility its best.

Still, Twitter user @yu10010 took a chance by going to the Skytree, Tokyo’s tallest structure, on July 31. Japan’s summer weather patterns, though, meant that the morning was muggy and rainy. Still, by the time @yu10010 got off the elevator some 450 meters (1,476 feet) above the city, the rain had stopped and the skies were clearing, and his summertime gamble paid off in an incredible way.

Looking to his left, @yu10010 spots what seems to be the left half of a beautiful rainbow. But it soon becomes apparent that it’s not a half, but a quarter. As the camera pans down, we can see that the video is being taken from so high up that the rainbow has arches both above and below, which wrap around and meet on the other side, forming a complete circle of seven-colored light.

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Oh, and if that wasn’t awesome enough, it turns out that there’s also a double rainbow going on, at least along the top half of the circle.

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Really, at this point it’s starting to seem like nature is showing off, but hey, when people come out to see you even in the off-season, it’s always nice to say thanks by giving them something special.

Source: IT Media
Images: Twitter/@yu10010 (edited by RocketNews24)