We try our luck by spending 100 yen at a mystery capsule machine in a Chiba souvenir shop

How much will we spend to get the top prize this time?

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We try Yoshinoya’s take on Setsubun ehomaki lucky sushi rolls with mixed results

The verdict seems to be that you’re either going to roll with them…or not.

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Pray for sound health for your beloved pets this Setsubun with special good luck sushi rolls just for them

Have your pet face east-northeast while eating these treats on February 3 and it’s sure to bring them good luck!

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Japanese exam-taking jeans: The luckiest jeans in Japan

Drawing on cool traditional details and the mystical power of kotodama to help you pass any test in style.

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Japan has seven lucky taxis in Tokyo, and we just boarded one of them

There’s a secret tip to identifying these special cabs.

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Four lucky towns in Fukushima Prefecture will receive a Chansey Pokémon Park

Fancy having a play date with Chansey?

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Japanese netizen backs out of initial promise to donate one million yen to Palestinian refugees

Noble goal of promoting music education shadowed by personal needs.

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No, there was no Japanese leprechaun with a pot of sashimi waiting for him.

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Gold leaf-covered giant gyoza dumpling now on sale to bring you a bit of luck!

This glittering culinary creation is designed to bring luck to purchasers of Japan’s Dream Jumbo Lottery tickets!

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Beckoning cat fortunes lure a kitten into their box at cat temple in Japan

See what the future holds for this curious kitten who decided to dip into a box of cat-adorned fortune-telling charms.

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Japanese confection maker offers students support with lucky four-leaf clover rice cakes!

Confectionary maker Suehiroan is hoping these daifuku rice cakes decorated with a four-leaf clover will provide encouragement for students taking entrance exams!

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Japan’s Newest and Cheapest Good Luck Charm: Bread Crust

Remember when you were a kid, and your mom would check for monsters under your bed, put band-aids on your scraped knees and elbows, and cut the crusts off your sandwiches? Wouldn’t it be great if someone would still do that for you?

No matter how much you offer them for the service, the employees of Japanese bread and snack producer Yamazaki Bread won’t come to your house and protect you from the Boogey Man, because seriously, have you seen the guy? Way too scary. They do have your bread needs covered though, with their popular series of crust-free Lunch Pack sandwiches.

But despite the lack of crust being a major selling point for Lunch Pack, people in Japan aren’t complaining when one with a bit of brown on the edge slips through, because fans say it’s a sign of good luck. Read More