We can relate, Doge. We can relate. 

Meet Yu, a Shiba Inu (otherwise known as “Doge”) with a stubborn penchant for lying down.

Yu is one of the Japanese internet’s beloved “celebrity” pets, another one being Maru the cat. Her most endearing quality is that she will instantly lie down on her side to get what she wants. While most dog owners can probably relate, we’re not talking about just a few isolated incidents here. Time and time again on a daily basis, if she doesn’t feel like moving, you can count on Yu to not budge an inch:

▼ “This is a dog in despair that her walk is about to end.”

Perhaps because the feeling of not wanting to leave somewhere after having fun is instantly relatable, Yu has so far amassed a following of almost 14,000 fans on Twitter. Her strategy of simply plopping down and refusing to move is certainly something that we hoomans wish we we could use in real life whenever we don’t feel like doing something (if only there were no consequences for us…).

Check out some of Yu’s best scenes below (and see if you can sense her owner’s exasperation):

▼ “Today we went the mountains.”

▼ “When she lies down with this face,
it means she wants to be petted immediately.”

▼ “We went to Narita-san [a Buddhist temple].”

▼ “It was so much fun taking a walk that she didn’t want
to go home and plopped down on the way back.”

▼ “She’s been gradually perfecting the lying-down technique.”

▼ “An example of her strong will not to finish the walk.”

▼ “She’s learned that her walk is almost over as soon as we cross the bridge. When I tried to go down the stairs, she immediately signaled, ‘I don’t wanna go home!'”

▼ “Yu is taking it easy today too.”

You can find even more scenes of Yu lying down on her official blog, the cleverly titled “Always with Yu,” her Instagram account, or even send a fan message to her at inunojimusho3@gmail.com. Keep fighting the system, Yu!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@always_with_yu