Your beautiful girlfriend gets changed, has dinner and drinks sake while chatting to you on a video call.

In Japan, leading a single life is never boring when you have the option to rent a girlfriend , sleep with a cotton wife or go on a virtual date with an idol at a ramen restaurant.

Now there’s a new way to put yourself in the boyfriend seat, and it’s all thanks to Gekkeikan, one of Japan’s most famous sake brewers.

In their latest promotion for their Tsuki (“Moon”) brand sake, Gekkeikan have released a number of short videos featuring a young woman addressing the viewer directly to camera.

In the first clip, which is just 15 seconds long, a woman can be seen cooking dinner while singing “Suki da yo ne. Tsuki da yo ne.” This play on the words for like (“suki”) and moon (“tsuki”) is the slogan for the product, and appears as a running theme throughout many of the campaign materials.

Take a look at the short video below:

While a lot of viewers have been critical of the way this woman keeps a morsel of food on the wooden spoon in preparation for her spoon-to-mouth shot, most viewers are impressed by the intimate feel of the video that brings them right into the happy cook’s home.

The series of campaign videos produced by the company are designed to make the viewer feel as if they’re in a long-distance relationship with the girl in the video. This next clip, at almost four minutes long, plays out just like a video call, with our “girlfriend” telling us about the meal she’ll teach us to make, before leaving the room to change and coming back in her comfy house clothes to cook and eat dinner.

The relaxed, casual feel of the videos really does bring us closer to the subject, and her earnest looks to camera make it feel as if she’s talking to us in a private conversation. In this next video from the sake company, she follows the same routine of changing her clothes before making dinner, only this time she starts by drinking sake and takes a moment to wax lyrical about the harvest moon.

The recipes for the two dishes she makes in the videos are currently available on the Gekkeikan campaign website, along with three more recipes for spring rolls, potato salad and a broccoli dish.

While there’s no word yet as to whether or not we’ll be receiving another video call from our sake-loving girlfriend, we’re hoping we get to see her again sometime soon. So she can teach us how to make those new recipes, of course.

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Source: Net Lab
Images: YouTube/月桂冠/GEKKEIKAN