Sega mascot plans to stay at Tokyo branches of the boob-centric restaurant for almost two months.

Along with his blazing speed, one of the defining characteristics of Sonic the Hedgehog has always been his edginess. Compared to roly-poly, good-natured Mario, the sharpness of Sonic’s bright blue spikes and confident smirk have always helped set him apart from his rivals.

So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that as the finishing touches are being put on his latest game, Sonic has decided to celebrate by going to Hooters, where he’ll be staying for almost two full months.

From October 16, three Tokyo branches of the sexy dining establishment will be decorated with Sonic-themed decorations to mark the release of Sonic Forces, the first mainline Sonic game developed in-house by Sega since 2013’s poorly received Sonic Lost World.

The festivities include a special Sonic-themed chili dog set which includes the character’s favorite spicy chow plus a side of fries and some token veggies. Despite Sonic hanging out by the Blue Moon beer taps in the above photo, and the fact that no one would blame him for going on a weeks-long booze-filled bender to escape the traumatic memories of his string of critical and commercial failures since his 16-bit glory days, the accompanying drink in the set is non-alcoholic, and instead a blue (in honor of Sonic’s image color) citrus soda.

▼ Is this what we can expect from the upcoming Sonic CG/live-action movie?

Each purchase of the 1,180 yen (US$11) Sonic set also gets you one of four character coasters, chosen at random.

Oddly enough, the Sonic set is only available from 3 to 5 in the afternoon. However, the Sonic decorations will be up all day, and night, long. The Hooters waitresses will also be performing a special dance set to “Fist Bump,” the theme song of Sonic Forces, though it’s unspecified at what times each day.

The Sonic/Hooters collaboration runs until December 10 at the chain’s Shinjuku Nishiguchi, Ginza, and Akasaka branches in downtown Tokyo.

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