Where to find Tokyo’s secret candy apple specialty store

Toffee apples are the star of the show in this hidden location.

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We sample both of the “secret” Starbucks cakes that you can only order online

Incredibly rich and dense, these cakes are perfect for Extreme Fans of cheesecake or chocolate.

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Tokyo has a secret, members-only parfait bar, and here’s what’s waiting inside【Photos】

Remake Easy is like a speakeasy with sweets, and they don’t tell their address to anybody until they’re part of the inner circle.

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After three years and 10 months, the deepest secret of Nier: Automata has been found【Video】

But does a “beat the game” code cheapen the message of Yoko Taro’s video game masterpiece?

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Mr. Sato vibe-checks a hidden retro café in the heart of Shibuya’s modern Miyashita Park 【Photos】

Is the appeal in that it’s retro or that it’s just hard to find?

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Japanese Twitter shares secret ingredient to make perfect pancakes, it’s what you’d least expect

Warning: may induce a sudden urge to cook pancakes.

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The Pokémon Pokéwalker pedometer has been hiding a secret message for the last eight years

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver accessory once again shows that Nintendo will not be rushed in showing its hand.

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Nintendo hid a secret message on the Switch’s Pro Controller

Gamers have been searching for secrets in Nintendo games for decades, but this time there’s one waiting for them on the hardware.

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ANGEL LIBRARY in Kyoto, a hidden underground cafe that you need a special code to enter 【Pics】

When you want some coffee but also want to enter another world.

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Japan’s 500-yen coin has two hidden messages, and here’re where to find them 【Photos】

The country’s largest coin has something to say to you.

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Responding to a public appeal for help, netizens crack deceased grandfather’s cryptic code

We love a good mystery here at RocketNews24 but this recently discovered cryptic contract had us scratching our heads.

A Japanese net user recently shared a photo of a contract of some sort written in secret code on a piece of notebook paper. The document was discovered amongst a number of articles left behind by their grandfather, who passed away last year from a sudden heart attack. Unable to solve the secret message the poster put out a call to fellow netizens to see if anyone could help decipher the code.

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There’s a reason why there are fewer green Lego bricks than any other color

Lego building blocks are a fantastic toy for growing kids and adults alike. These snap-together bricks allow you build pretty much anything, regardless of whether you follow the instructions included in the box or throw caution to the wind and build whatever pops into your head. With the success of The Lego Movie and a sequel and spin-off movies in the works, the outlook for this 65-year-old toy has never been better.

But there is an alleged little-known secret hidden in the core of Lego’s sensibility. If you take a random sampling of Lego bricks, you will notice that there are far fewer green ones than any other color. The reason why may surprise you.

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Send Your Loved Ones Christmas Greetings, But Send it Secretly with Coke!

Imagine you want to ask that girl or guy of your dreams out this holiday season, but maybe you’re too shy to do it out right. You could send a text or e-mail, but that’s kind of lame and bland.

Go figure: the megacorporation Coca Cola is here to provide you with a sweet, intimate, and memorable way to tell people how you feel.

It works kind of like a sugary time bomb of love. All you need is a plastic bottle of coke and a marker.

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6 Reasons Disneyland’s Secret Restaurant Club 33 Is Awesome

Did you know that there is a secret, members-only restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland called Club 33? The majority of memberships are corporate accounts, allowing them to do business entertaining there, but there are also individual members. Don’t get your hopes up, though, because they aren’t accepting applications. If you want to get in the door, no matter who you are or how much money you have, you have to be invited by a member.

But what is this mysterious Club 33 actually like? We’ve tracked down someone who was invited to enjoy a luxurious evening there, and according to him, these are the six most amazing things about Club 33.
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