Loyal fans come to the defense of the adorable bunny character from Hello Kitty’s parent company.

While she’s spent a lot of her career overshadowed by Hello Kitty, My Melody remains one of Sanrio’s most popular characters. At the time of her debut, in 1975, the character was squarely aimed at little kids, but these days My Melody is reaping the benefits of multi-generational appeal, as she’s loved by adult women who grew up with her as well as the children of today.

But even though My Melody has plenty of grown-up fans, Japanese Twitter users were shocked at how non-kid-friendly one origin theory for Sanrio’s famous bunny is.


Twitter user @6ethponpo recently made a shocking tweet which claimed:

“I just found out that My Melody is supposed to have been born from the stomach of a wolf, and that before she was born she used the wolf’s small intestine as a jump rope. All I can say is ‘Wow.’”

On the one hand, Sanrio isn’t entirely averse to a little dark humor. At the Gudetama Cafe, for example, a chicken dish subtly references the fact that you might be eating the anthropomorphic egg’s mom. But still, @6ethponpo’s story sounds far too morbid for the ordinarily sweetly innocent My Melody.

But as the shocking theory made its way around the Japanese Internet, another Twitter user, @m8q_, came forward with what seemed to be visual proof, in the form of a pamphlet showing My Melody trying to crawl back into the wolf’s womb, and also a sketch of her skipping rope while holding a wiggly piece of intestine.

However, a loyal fan came to defend the honor of My Melody. @sui_9h, who also has a copy of the pamphlet in question, pointed out that it’s from a 2015 art exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of My Melody, as well as Sanrio’s twin angels Kiki and Lala. The illustrations are the work of designer Shin Sobue, the event’s art director, but not from My Melody’s original designer or from Sanrio itself, and thus don’t constitute the character’s official backstory.


Yet another Twitter user then came forward to say that the April, 2016 edition of Japanese women’s magazine Moe also says that the unusual illustrations are merely Sobue’s personal artistic exercise, and don’t constitute My Melody’s actual origin story.

So in the end, it seems My Melody really is as angelic as we’ve always believed…

…even if she doesn’t actually have wings.

Sources: Hachima Kiko, Jin
Featured image: Twitter/@m8q_