Sounds like this might be the best Good Meat Day ever.

When the Earl of Sandwich made history by sitting down to a card game and creating the greatest, most versatile food stuff ever, he knew that the thing he gave his name to was just a vehicle for getting the filling to his mouth without the need for cutlery or getting his hands greasy. The bread itself should be an afterthought, and Lotteria seem to agree with their latest limited-time offering, the Hamidashi (“Sticking Out”) Double Steak Burger.

The same maniacs at Lotteria who brought us a sauce so spicy you have to sign a consent form to eat it are going all out for “Good Meat Day”. Hamidashi means jutting out, and it’s a name that fits. The two 100-gram (3.5-ounce) slabs of Angus beef steak hang out over the sides of the bun, and while undoubtedly delicious, it probably isn’t something you want to try to eat in front of someone you’re trying to impress, especially given the amount of garlic, mixed in with Lotteria’s special soy sauce-based steak sauce.

The burger will be available for just six days, from November 24 to November 29, at Lotteria restaurants across Japan. The 29th has become known as Meat Day as the two days can be read in Japanese as ni and ku, where meat is niku. November 29 goes one further still, 11-29 can be read as “ii niku,” or “good meat”.

▼ Should you wish, you will also be able to buy the Hamidashi Steak Burger with but a single steak.

▼ Lotteria are also launching some suitably high-class Truffle Salt-flavoured French fries to munch alongside your steak sandwich.

The luxury burger does, however, come with a luxury-burger price tag. The Hamidashi Double Steak Burger comes in at 1,900 yen (US$16.94) for the burger on its own. The truffle and salt-flavoured french fries, which are available from November 24 through to the end of December, will set you back 310 yen.

Source, images: Lotteria