Lotteria kicks off its sukiyaki fair, which comes with a large side order of Japanese vocabulary.

Out of Japan’s many styles of hot pot, sukiyaki is the most celebratory. It’s bold, beefy flavors make it a perfect choice for a special occasion, especially on a chilly winter day, and now Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria is bringing us a way to start the new year by enjoying the taste of sukiyaki in luxurious burger form.

Lotteria has kicked off its Gyusukiyaki Fair, with a range of sukiyaki burgers and even sukiyaki-flavor French fries. Starting with the sandwiches, the baseline is established with the 520-yen (US$3.60) Gyusukyaki Burger (gyu meaning “beef”), pictured above. The hamburger patty is topped with strips of beef belly, a prized cut in Japan for its richer flavor compared to leaner cuts. This beef is thoroughly seasoned with a sukiyaki sauce containing bonito stock, replicating the flavor of sukiyaki hot pot broth.

For 50 yen more, you can upgrade the Gyusukyaki Burger to the Torotama Gyusukiyaki Burger, which adds a melty egg to the mix. This brings the burger even closer to the sukiyaki hot pot eating experience, as the strips of beef are commonly dipped in egg before being eaten.

Also on offer is the 540-yen Umakara Gyusukiyaki Burger, which lets a sauce that’s both delicious (“umai”) and spicy (“karai”) join the party in your mouth that the sukiyaki burger is invited to…

…and, if you want it all, or just an opportunity to put all your new Japanese vocabulary into practice when ordering, you can get the Torotama Umakara Gyusukiyki Burger for 590 yen.

Ah, wait, actually I spoke too soon, because there’s one more term you’ll want to know, baimori (“double portion”), so that you can order the Baimori Torotama Gyusukiyaki Burger (720 yen) and Baimori Torotama Umakara Gyusukiyaki Burger (720 yen).

And last, if you’re looking to pair these Japanese-style burgers with some French fries, Lotteria has also developed a new sukiyaki flavor for its Furupote series, in which you sprinkle a seasoning packet over your fries and shake them up while they’re still in the bag to add the extra flavor.

Furu means “shake” in Japanese (last vocabulary word, I promise)

The entire lineup is on sale at Lotteria branches nationwide, and is scheduled to be available until mid-February.

Source: Lotteria
Top image: Lotteria
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