These Kit Kats totally transform when baked in the oven!

We’re never short of new Kit Kat delights in Japan, but in amongst all the exclusive limited-edition flavours is one series that stands out for having a very special, unique appeal: the Bakeable Kit Kats.

Nestlé’s bakeable variety of Kit Kats first grabbed everyone’s attention back in 2014, becoming so popular they returned the following year with a new cheesecake flavour. Now, they’ve returned for an encore performance, this time with a brand new ice cream flavour to tantalise our tastebuds.

▼ The packaging features a delicious soft ice cream image on the front,
along with the words “Delicious When Baked Ice Cream Flavour”.

The pictures on the pack show us what the chocolates look like before and after baking.

▼ On the back of the pack are instructions for how to bake up the perfect Kit Kat.

First, pop the Kit Kats out of their individual packs and on to a foil-lined tray. Cooling the chocolates in the refrigerator first will give you the best-looking results at the end of the baking process.

Place the tray of chocolates in a Japanese oven toaster, and heat three to four bars at a time at 1,000 watts for two to two-and-a-half minutes.

Once they’ve become a golden-brown colour, they’re ready to eat! The instructions recommend cooling them in the refrigerator after baking for an even more delicious ice-cream taste.

After checking out the instructions, we were keen to give these a try, so we opened up the pack and found a beautiful collection of individually wrapped chocolates.

On each package is a reminder to place the chocolate on a tray when baking, rather than directly on a rack, which would result in the chocolate oozing out everywhere.

Inside are two chocolate-covered wafers that look unlike any other Kit Kat we’ve ever seen. Using a white chocolate base, the speckled brown appearance on top makes it look a little strange at first, but this is all set to help with the transformation during the baking process.

We decided to experiment with one chocolate, following the instructions by popping it on a foil-lined tray.

Though we didn’t have a Japanese oven toaster handy, we decided to put it under the grill to see if we could get the same result.

Keeping a watchful eye on the chocolate to make sure it didn’t burn, after a couple of minutes we could see it changing colour, so we took it out and…voila! The Kit Kat now looked totally different to the one we started with.

It looked golden and delicious. Like a good crème brûlée, the tops of these looked just like a crunchy caramel.

▼ The flavour, though, was all ice cream.

We couldn’t resist trying these immediately, and despite being warm, they tasted just like the ice cream that appeared on the front of the package.

The creamy vanilla flavour was there, thanks to the cream powder-infused wafers, contrasted with a fantastic crunchy biscuit texture from the tiny biscuit pieces.

Putting these in the fridge after baking would definitely result in a cleaner, tighter wafer. We weren’t fussed with the look of it though, as the toasted ice-cream and biscuit flavour was absolutely divine!

Whether you prefer to eat these as they are or bake them up for maximum enjoyment, we definitely recommend giving them a try. The Bakeable Ice Cream Kit Kats come in packs of 13 for 500 yen and can be purchased at stores around the country for a limited time.

Photos © SoraNews24