If you love tuna as sushi or sashimi, why not learn about all its tasty parts with this fun and educational three-dimensional puzzle?

Tuna, or maguro in Japanese, is a hugely popular fish in Japan and famously coveted for its precious fatty parts. The fish is so popular, in fact, that MegaHouse, a subsidiary of Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai Namco, is coming out with a new tuna-themed toy puzzle — the “One Whole Fish Bluefin Tuna Disassembly Puzzle“. Yes, it’s a puzzle in  the shape of a whole tuna fish, and you can take it apart to learn about all the parts that tuna is cut into.

Measuring 13 centimeters (a little over 5 inches) long, the puzzle itself is not particularly big in size, but it definitely is intricately made, consisting of a total of 33 parts, including the common and not so pricey “red meat” (akami) and the more valuable “medium fatty” (chu-toro) section, among others.

▼ The puzzle comes apart into 33 pieces, each engraved with the name of the specific part. Can you put all the pieces back together?

The set also comes with a model knife and cutting board so that you can display the whole tuna. Or, you can also play with the tuna parts and lay them out on the cutting board like it was a tuna carving show.

▼ Here’s the colorful package the product comes in:

And if you purchase one of these puzzles, you can even enter a draw for a chance to win a special tuna dish from the Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain.  250 coupons for a “Superb plate of three pieces of Bluefin Tuna” which can be used at any Sushi Zanmai restaurant across Japan will be given away in the draw, so make sure you enter if you do buy the puzzle.

Not surprisingly, considering the popularity of Tuna in Japan, we’ve seen a similar product in the past and from a Tsukiji Market fish wholesaler no less, but at 1,580 yen (US$14), this puzzle is considerably more affordable, and it should be available from the MegaHouse online shop sometime soon, as the release date is slated to be in mid-December.

It may not be quite as exciting as seeing an actual rare white tuna, but the puzzle should certainly provide good fun at get-togethers especially during the Holiday Season, and who knows, you might enjoy learning a thing or two about cuts of tuna!

Source, images: PR Times 
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