Is mixed raw egg yolk and espresso the answer to our morning prayers? We find out.

Working at the SoraNews24 office is very similar to a Rocky montage, with us waking up at the crack of dawn to run/stumble to the convenience store for the latest Cup Noodle or limited edition Kit Kat, attacking large slabs of meat, not with our fists but with our chopsticks, but even we baulk at glugging down glasses of raw eggs to fuel our madness, relying instead on journalistic zeal and coffee. When we heard we could have the best of both worlds, and get a taste boost as well, by putting raw egg yolk in our espresso, we were understandably intrigued. To the Taste-Testorium (not the Taste-Testicle, a naming error we came to regret after Google Maps advertised our services to a very different clientele)!

While there are lots of seemingly odd ingredients that can add new levels of depth and flavour to classic dishes, raw egg yolks in our coffee was a new one to us when it started sweeping the Internet recently. Our morning fix of protein and caffeine in one fell swoop would be our morning Holy Grail, and supposedly it even improves the taste, but we were sceptical if we could keep the concoction down.

▼ After some deft shell-work, we were ready to go.

▼ Our Japanese-language reporters took up the challenge, with some discreet product placement.

With only one of our reporters donning a grey hoodie, as a mark of respect to Mr. Balboa, the team knocked back their shots of egg-coffee blend. What did they think? Was a new era of taste and productivity looming?

Seiji Nakazawa:

“That’s some strong espresso. You can’t taste the egg yolk at all.”

Ahiru Neko:

“Even with the egg, it doesn’t really change that much.”

P.K. Sanjun:

“The taste is espresso but witha mildness to the flavour.”

K. Nagahashi:

“I don’t know what different the egg makes, but it’s not bad.”

Mr. Sato:

“A bit smoother?”

Yuichiro Wasai:

“Tastes like a slightly milder espresso.”

There you have it. Espresso with raw egg yolk is, according to our expert taste testers, neither brilliantly, amazingly delicious nor horrifically, disgustingly foul, and thus perfect for that large demographic of people trying to sneak more eggs into their diet.

Perhaps espresso was the wrong hot drink to go for. Maybe with some drip-dashi, or in a cappuccino as in @InsiderFood’s video, it might have more of an impact.

So, it looks like we’ll have to find another taste sensation to wake us up in the morning, it’s probably just as well. We’d need a whole load of eggs for our giant coffee mug, and there isn’t enough room in the office for that many chickens.

Reference: InsiderFood
Images: ©SoraNews24

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