Starbucks vs. Tully’s — Is there such a big difference between Japan’s coffee giants?【Taste test】

We pit two of the most popular coffee chains in Japan against each other in our most caffeinated taste test yet!

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Starbucks adds a new Triple Espresso Latte to the menu in Japan

But will it give us the buzz we need? 

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We try the viral “McAffogado”: Does adding espresso to a Vanilla McShake really make it good?

A brilliant idea shared by British police officers spread all the way to Japan, so we had to give these milkshakes a “shot”.

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We brave the should-be-abomination of raw egg and coffee, is it a taste sensation? 【Taste Test】

Is mixed raw egg yolk and espresso the answer to our morning prayers? We find out.

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Starbucks Japan releases new limited edition Caramel Latte with Waffle Cone flavour

Does it taste like a coffee ice cream or a sweet baked dessert? Join us for the delicious taste test after the break!

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New illy matcha coffee drinks combine green tea with espresso for a limited time

Move over, matcha lattes—it’s time to enjoy real coffee in your green tea with illy’s new cappucino and mocha beverages.

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Rural Rest Stop Aims to be the Premier Location for Jet Black Food

Rest stops in Japan tend to be a little different from their western counterparts.  Aside from offering drivers a chance to stretch their legs and powder their noses, they often offer unique goods characteristic of the area.  Sometimes the rest stops are even the final destinations for summer road trips.

A perfect example of a unique rest stop is the Ranzan Parking Area (RPA) in Saitama prefecture along the Kanetsu Expressway.  Here you can get your hands on two specialty dishes, ice cream and curry, both black as midnight.

And before you say it: no, neither dishes use squid ink.

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