Publisher of One Piece, Naruto and other hit manga launches new phone app which lets you choose any page to have made into an awesome T-shirt.

Unless you’re a member of a sports team or a fan of pair look, the phenomenon where loved-up couples wear matching clothes, chances are you probably don’t want to be seen wearing the same clothes as the people around you (how often have you turned up to a formal dinner party to find someone else wearing the same ahegao T-shirt?). Short of making your own clothes, and fair play to anyone who can, you’ll have to resort to mass-produced items to show your, and the many other people who buy the same clothes’, individuality.

But a new concept from Shonen Jump, the manga publishing company behind One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto and many others, will let you choose almost any page from their manga and have it made into a T-shirt especially for you.

Using the Shonen Jump Plus phone app, which lets manga fans read Shonen Jump comics on the go, readers will be able to select any page they like to have given the T-shirt treatment, like this page from volleyball manga Haikyu!!.

With one click you’ll be able to select the page you want to adorn your body and show off your love of top-rate manga, or encyclopedic knowledge of manga onomatopoeia like “jyaan!” (“ta-da!”) or “gyaaaa!” (a scream of pain).

Choose the colour T-shirt you want (white, navy, or mustard) and the size (small, medium, or large), hand over your hand-earned 3,996 yen (US$35.50), and your quite-possibly-unique T-shirt will be winging its way to you in no time (or actually about three weeks according to Shonen Jump). Double-page spreads can also be made into T-shirts but may have an unsightly centre-line right down the middle and so are probably best avoided, although that still leaves you thousands of pages to choose from. Future Shonen Jump Plus pages will also be available so the selection will only continue to grow.

▼ Shonen Jump are also celebrating the anniversary of their online T-shirt store by giving away 100 of the new T-shirts in a special competition, with details on the official website.

The only limitation is that the new service will only apply to comics on the phone or computer application from December 4, or December 11 depending on the title, so you won’t be able to have your favourite images from past manga printed out. With over 60 titles currently available to choose from, though, hopefully you’ll be able to find at least one page that takes your fancy.

If you’re absolutely loaded you could even have your entire comic of choice made into T-shirts, and then wear them in order as you commute to work, entertaining your fellow passengers, or by wearing all of them at once and then stripping like a bizarre game of pass-the-parcel where every layer has the prize of literature. Whatever you do, at least the chances of bumping into someone with the same T-shirt is pretty low. And it beats going out in just a bra.

Source: Shonen Jump + T-shirt Store via Nijimen
Images: Shonen Jump + T-shirt Store