Why hide all your precious limited-edition collectibles and trinkets when you can display them for the world to see?

In Japan, ita-bags are a great way to show your love for anime characters, as you can fill them up with numerous badges and goodies. Some bags are so beautifully decorated that you can literally feel the passion emanating from them, and holding onto one would probably net you a few approving glances in Harajuku.

Japanese Twitter user @tbkymg recently spotted what’s possibly the newest method to showcase limited-edition badges and collectibles from your favorite anime: a sweater with a transparent pouch at the front.

▼ Customise it with plushies, idol goods or even action figures.

Since the compartment is about as large as those found on ita-bags, there’s plenty of room to fit items like badges, cards and even a poster. As long as you’re brave enough to wear it, you can include stuff like dollar bills, snacks or food.

▼ Place whatever you want in there for a dynamic style…


▼ …or creep out friends with some fake cockroaches.

▼ Online store Village Vanguard stocks a few of these sweaters starting from 3,780 yen (US$33.37), and as shown here, the pouch can be easily removed for washing.

▼ The black version is priced at 4,212 yen.

More designs can be found on the Village Vanguard website here.

Whatever goes in that compartment is completely up to the wearer’s discretion, and there’s a lot of fun to be had wearing things other people normally wouldn’t think of. Personally, I’d be tempted to place a pet hamster in there, although it might not be quite as appealing to passers-by as a hamster boob T-shirt.

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Featured image: Twitter/@tbkymg
Insert images: Village Vanguard