No need to slay dragons or delve dungeons! You can now purchase Japan’s Tweezers of Legend with a few clicks of your mouse.

Does your life consist of daily battles against your eyebrows? Whether you’re constantly trying to contain their unruliness or are always outwitted by those slippery stray hairs that you just can’t grab onto, you’re probably in need of some better quality, more battle-worthy tweezers. Last month, we thought we’d found just the thing, and now we know where to buy it!


Village Vanguard, our favorite purveyor of wacky goods, is taking orders for the only tweezers you will ever need again: Tweezers of Legend (Densetsu no Kenuki in Japanese).


Made with stainless steel, the end of the pincers are designed to allow you to grab hold of even the finest thread. The tweezers come in their own special case, and include a detachable key ring to allow for attachment to your key chain.



You can reserve your own Tweezers of Legend at Village Vanguard’s online store for 3,600 yen (US$34.50) including tax. Orders are expected to ship in mid-December, and you don’t need to be a legendary hero to purchase!

Source, images: Village Vanguard online store via IT Media