Who says you can’t have tea with ice cream?

As the weather heats up, Starbucks is here to cool us all down, with the return of a special summer drink called the Matcha & Crushed Almond Milk Tea Latte.

First released last year, this drink is harder to find than most Starbucks drinks, as it’s only on the menu at Japan’s Starbucks Tea & Cafe locations, which specialise in tea products.

▼ However, this year, the chain is encouraging us to customise the drink, so that it goes from this…

Starbucks Japan Matcha & Crushed Almond Milk Tea Latte green drink limited edition ice crea exclusive Frappuccino news photos

▼ …to this.

The “exquisite combination of richly scented matcha and fragrant almonds” is said to taste even better with a scoop of ice cream added to the mix, as it enhances the flavour of the slightly sweetened matcha shot and the icy almond milk base, which is blended with white mocha flavoured syrup and crushed whole almonds.

The addition of ice cream turns the beverage into a “tea float“, contrasting with the beautiful layers of green matcha and white almond milk, which slowly merge together as you enjoy the drink.

▼ The vanilla ice cream customisation (additional 110 yen [US$0.79]) is recommended for other tea lattes and tea Frappuccinos on the menu as well.

We certainly won’t need any coaxing to add ice cream to our drinks this summer, and it’s a customisation we look forward to trying when the Matcha & Crushed Almond Milk Tea Latte is released in limited numbers from 14 June, sold in a tall size priced at 678 Yen for takeout or 690 yen for dine-in.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan press release
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