Ruby is set to be the world’s next big chocolate trend.

While Nestlé Japan usually gives their customers plenty of advance notice ahead of their new limited-edition Kit Kat releases, their latest exclusive offering took everyone by surprise on Thursday, when they announced they would be coming out with the world’s first ruby chocolate bar the very next day.

To add to the exclusive nature of the new Kit Kats, the initial run of single bars is limited to only 5,000 pieces, available across all seven of the company’s Chocolatory boutiques and through their online store, with limited numbers available each day until 25 January.

To make sure we didn’t miss out, we arrived at the Kit Kat Chocolatory in Tokyo’s Ginza area just after the store opened yesterday, and as soon as we entered the shop we were greeted with a beautiful display of ruby chocolate.

▼ The pink-hued chocolate could be seen set up
against two mounds of ruby cacao beans.

▼ Ruby cacao beans are the source of the world’s “fourth type of chocolate”,
after dark, milk and white varieties.

Nestlé has exclusive rights to the ruby chocolate, which took years to develop, for the next six months.

The only way to try the new ruby chocolate for now is in the single-bar Ruby Sublime Kit Kats. The larger five and seven-piece assorted packs will go on sale from 1 February.

Given the huge hype surrounding the new product, much of the stock was already gone from the special display set up in honour of the new release shortly after the store opened.

The new chocolates were so prized they were stored under glass boxes, which staff had to reach into for customers. Purchases are limited to three bars per person.

They even had a counter set up near the register so customers could see how many of the Ruby Kit Kat bars were left in stock. According to staff, they had 65 bars upon opening, and this number quickly dropped to 32 within the first fifteen minutes of going on sale.

▼ Less than half an hour after opening,
stock had completely sold out for the day.

We were lucky enough to purchase one of the Ruby Kit Kats, which retail for 432 yen (US$3.90), and we were immediately impressed with its beautiful pink packaging.

Opening up the slim box revealed more pink packaging inside, with glossy wrapping and the word “Sublime” written across it, in reference to the Chocolatory’s Sublime series of high-end Kit Kats, of which this was one is the latest.

Delving inside revealed even more pink tones, this time on the aptly-named ruby chocolate, which comes wrapped around the famous Kit Kat wafers.

Breaking into the chocolate revealed its distinctive wafer layers, which were imbued with ruby chocolate as well.

We weren’t sure what to expect in terms of flavour, but as soon as we took our first bite, we couldn’t believe that this was actually a natural chocolate. The first thing we noticed was a distinct acidity, reminiscent of a tart berry, followed by a smooth creaminess which had us thinking this was a berry-flavoured white chocolate. This comparison is one that doesn’t do the sweet justice though, as there’s a much more complex balance of flavours at play here, tending toward the more tart end of the spectrum.

The acidic berry flavours were a real standout, which is mind-boggling, given that no berry colour or flavour has been added to the mix. The acidity is at times fruity and then earthy as well, leading to a unique complexity that plays off the sweeter, creamier notes in the rest of the chocolate. Add to that the wafer crunch, and your tastebuds are in a flavourful, textural heaven.

If you want to be one of the first to get a taste of what promises to be the world’s next big chocolate trend, be sure to visit one of Japan’s Kit Kat Chocolatory boutiques early in the day to pick up a Ruby Sublime. The Ginza store, which opens at 11:00 a.m., will be selling 65 bars each day until 25 January, but they’re likely to sell out within half an hour of opening so you’ll have to be quick!

With more stock available from 1 February, albeit in larger and more expensive assorted packs, you’ll still have time to enjoy the sweet-and-tart flavours of ruby chocolate during the spring months. And if you play your cards right, you might end up receiving one from someone special in time for Valentine’s Day!

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