Are you team black cat or team white cat?

Ever since bra tops with cleverly placed cut-outs burst onto the scene in Japan a couple of years ago, lingerie makers have been featuring the peek-a-boo look on a number of racy new designs.

Now there’s a new release that combines the bust-revealing appeal of the keyhole with the ever-popular feline theme, complete with lacy accessories set to make any cat lover go wild in the bedroom.

Available in either black or white, the five-piece set consists of a bra top, with a heart-shaped keyhole, pants with frills that sit on your waist and hips, and a bell collar.

With so many lacy frills adorning your curves like fur, the catlike transformation is complete with a couple of cuffs and a pair of delicate cat ears.

While the black cat set features a gold-coloured bell on the collar, the white set uses a silver coloured bell for its ring.

Outfits can be personalised with the addition of other accessories like cat toys and lace garters, to create your own unique look.

The see-through bottoms make the view from behind just as pretty as the front.

Whether you choose to reveal your inner feline to that special someone, or keep it a secret all to yourself, the playful lingerie sets are designed to bring happiness to all who lay eyes on them.

The cat-ear lingerie sets retail for 3,672 yen (US$33.56) and can currently be ordered online from Village Vanguard, with deliveries scheduled for early-mid June. And if you prefer to be a bunny in the bedroom, Village Vanguard has you covered there too!

Source, images: PR Times