Lace Limitation collection perfectly wraps all types of busoms.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a female partner, it can be hard to find a bra that fits perfectly. In fact, when you think about it, there hasn’t been a whole lot of innovation in the bra world outside of cleavage-boosting restylings, but here to change all that is Japanese apparel brand Parfaite, with a brand new design that promises to fit a wide range of bosoms.

While it may sound like an unbelievable claim, it’s actually true, and the way it works is thanks to a “magical feature”, in the form of an adjustable belt that sits over the breasts, allowing the wearer to simply tighten or loosen the belt until it hugs the bust perfectly.

Called Lace Limitation, the new range of lingerie not only fits perfectly, but they look stunningly unique too, and there are three gorgeous designs to choose from.

▼ The Maiden takes its inspiration from maids’ costumes.

Filled with lots of white lace details, the four-piece set consists of a bra, a garter belt, pants, and two puffed sleeves. The bra itself has a good amount of gathered lace, making it a good choice for those wanting more coverage.

The “Gift” design comes in two colourways, both designed to wrap the bust in a ribbon like a gift.

The black-bordeaux version is racy and lacy, with a bordeaux-coloured ribbon tying up the bust and dressing up the lacy arm cuffs, while bright red is used on the pants, garter belt and collar.

The garter is designed to cover more of the waist, while tulle covers the hips, creating a cute, feminine silhouette.

The Black-Pink version wraps the bust up in a pastel pink ribbon, with additional ribbon embellishments on the cuffs and garter belt, and a hot pink bow on the pants.

While all the sets look great on their own, wearers can personalise each look by adding their own shoes, accessories, and poses, to complete the outfit.

The new lingerie sets retail for 16,500 yen (US$152.28) each, and are currently available to purchase online at Village Vanguard. After seeing how well the bra-belt system works to hug breasts of all sizes, we can’t wait to see the same attachments used on future designs, or possibly even used to enhance other outfits like this gorgeous range of jewel cat lingerie.

Source, images: PR Times
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