More information about the original story of the attraction was released as well as photos of some sweet limited-edition merchandise only available at this event!

For months we’ve known about the upcoming Sailor Moon attraction at Universal Studios Japan, but without much to go on except that it will exist. In December, they announced that it was going to be based on a brand new, original Sailor Moon story with the name “Sailor Moon the Miracle”, and that it would be a 4-D ride, but there wasn’t much more information than that about it, even then.

Now, though, USJ has shown us a lot more about what we can expect from the attraction, and what we’ve learned has us pretty excited!

In addition to the new promotional image above, which looks like a fangirl’s dream come true, the official page now has a synopsis of the story behind the ride, and from the looks of it, we’ll get to stand up and fight together with Sailor Moon and the four other Sailor Soldiers just like the image implies!

“After sensing an unsettling energy from Universal Studios Japan, Usagi Tsukino and the other Sailor Soldiers, along with Luna and Artemis, infiltrate the park to investigate. At the 4-D Cinema Theater where we’re currently playing their movie, they find that the source of the dark premonition is a monster that is stealing the park visitors’ energy! Fighting against the unspeakable power gathered by this monster, the Sailor Soldiers quickly find themselves in a bind. They need your help to face the danger. Place your trust in them. The battle starts now…”

It sounds like it will be an action-packed 4-D adventure that will make you feel like you’re actually a member of the Sailor Soldiers. According to the webpage, it runs for a solid 20 minutes, and involves splashes of water, among other things, so we’re pretty sure it’s going to be a very cool experience.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite saving the world from evil energy-sucking monsters, you can satiate your hunger with Sailor Moon-themed snacks: the Sailor Moon Cafe Plate, the Sailor Moon Compact Cake, the Moon Prism Power Cake, and the Sailor Moon Drink.

Afterwards, take your souvenir photo with realistic Sailor Moon props in your best Sailor Solider pose. Kudos if you do so while wearing Sailor Moon clothes from GU, or, even better, in costume!

And finally, you can memorialize your Sailor Moon adventure with delightful, exclusive Sailor Moon souvenirs. From T-shirts to bags, accessories to jewelry, and even candy, they will be selling lots of cute goods that will only be available at USJ for a limited time.

▼ The coolest souvenir is probably the Cutie Universal Rod, which is almost identical to Sailor Moon’s actual Cutie Moon Rod, except instead of a pink sphere, the crescent moon encloses a Universal Studios’ trademark Universal globe.

Are you excited for this yet? If you cannot wait to go, you can preorder a Sailor Moon Express Pass, which will not only get you onto the attraction faster, but will come with some exclusive limited edition goods. Preordering the Standard Pass (2,000 yen or US$18) will get you a Luna Ramune Case, which you can use to hold change, candy or other small items.

If you choose instead to preorder the Sailor Moon Special Express Pass (4,400 yen), you’ll also have the chance to receive a special face-to-face Miracle Greeting from Tuxedo Mask, a secret rendezvous for the biggest fans who are dedicated enough to buy their tickets in advance.

Plus, you’ll get a free Sailor Soldier picture frame for when you undoubtedly buy your Sailor pose souvenir photo, and access to free downloads of exclusive Sailor Moon phone wallpapers.

If for some reason you’re not going JUST for Sailor Moon (why wouldn’t you??), and instead want to see all of the Universal Cool Japan attractions without the wait (I guess we can’t blame you there), you can also buy a four-way express pass, without the limited edition goods, for 6,300 yen ($57.39), so you can experience the Final Fantasy, Detective Conan, and Monster Hunter attractions, too.

The Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D ride and shops will open on March 16, but you can indulge in the snacks and take your souvenir photo right now. Don’t dawdle once the attraction opens, though, because it will only be available until June 24, and die-hard fans will not want to miss it!

Source, images: Universal Studios Japan