Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In Japan this means it’s time for women to bestow gifts of chocolate unto the men in their life.  However, for the guys who are really special, homemade chocolate awaits.  That personal touch makes all the difference.

The Fab Café in Shibuya Tokyo is setting up a workshop which uses a state of the art 3D printer to create the ultimate in personal chocolate.

On 14 February, much like how Mr. Sato had himself made into a figurine, participating women will be able to sculpt their own likeness on a chocolate truffle this season.

The workshop takes place over two Saturdays for a total cost of 6,000 yen.  But you’ll be able to walk away with your own silicon mold, digital 3D model, and a unique experience.

Here’s what the workshop schedule looks like:

Day 1 – February 2nd

1:00 (1hr) – Get a 3D scan of your face using the expression you want to convey.

3:00 (1hr) – Use 3D modeling to sculpt how you want your chocolate truffles to look from the scan data.  It can be done easily with freeform, a 3D modeling tool that simulates natural carving by hand.

For example, this woman can use the tool to try carve the look of terror off her face.

5:00 (1hr) – Using a high-performance 3D Printer (ProjetHD) you will make a prototype plastic “truffle” of your face.

During the sculpting process I highly recommend trying to carve some pupils into the otherwise creepily vacant doll-like orbs that the printer makes.

Day 2 – 2:00, February 9th (3hr)

Using the prototype truffle you will make a silicon mold.

Finally the pouring of the love chocolate!  You will be given the silicon mold to take home if you want to make more.

The end result of these chocolate can seem pretty creepy. They kind of remind me of that statue of Beetlejuice the mother makes at the end of the movie.

So you might want to go into this with a light-hearted attitude and try to make something fun like carving a thunderbolt in your forehead or wearing a batman mask.

It’s important to note that this work shop is only open to women. Before the men out there start crying discrimination, there are plans to have a male only workshop for white day on March 14 which is the gender-role opposite of Valentine’s Day in Japan.

During that event I imagine a lot of guys will lie about having a girlfriend just to be able to play with the gear. I know I would.

Source: Fab Café via Hachima Kiko (Japanese)
freeform Image: freeform
Beetlejuice Image: YouTube