Security footage from the salon shows a bright blast and a startled cashier leaping away.

It looks like Samsung’s Galaxy phones might not be the only phones to explode or catch fire: the iPhone is apparently a dangerous device now, too. On January 25, at a hair salon in Vietnam, a staff member’s phone, which seems to have been sitting untouched on a desk, suddenly exploded, scaring the life out of another employee who was apparently sitting nearby. The video was uploaded to YouTube, where you can see the explosion in the bottom left hand corner.

The video starts off innocently; the stylists are working with a customer, and there’s some relaxing music playing. It seems like everyone is having a chill time.

Suddenly, the phone explodes, but it’s not a little bit of sparking and some smoke; it’s a serious explosion that includes a loud bang, a bright flash of orange light, and licks of fire that seem to encompass the whole desk. If you look carefully, you can even see a stretch of clearly visible flames far to the right, a half-second after the explosion occurred.

Luckily the flames went out quickly, and though it smoldered for a bit, nothing in the salon caught fire as the explosion appeared to have blown the phone off the desk and onto the tiled floor. The employee also seemed unhurt, if a little shell-shocked, though she seemed to be worried about her hand, which may have been closest to the explosion. (The customer, naturally, was unimpressed, and waited patiently for staff to finish her hair.)

The stylists’ close-up videos show that the entire front panel of the phone was destroyed, along with much of the interior. The back cover, though, is completely intact and untouched, with the Apple logo in clear view. Meanwhile, the same relaxing music continues playing as the camera pans over the smoldered ruins of the phone, giving the video a post-apocalyptic vibe.

Netizens claim that the destroyed phone is an iPhone 6 or 6s, which are not new phones, having been out for four and three years, respectively. The cause of the explosion is as-yet unknown, and it appears that Apple hasn’t made an official comment on it either, but it seems like the explosion could have occurred for a number of reasons, such as using third-party cables and products, or a malfunction in the circuitry due to age.

Either way, iPhone 6 or 6s users may want to be careful while using and charging their phones. Thankfully no one was hurt this time, except perhaps Mr. Sato, whose love for iPhones knows no bounds, and who may be devastated by the slanderous news.

Source: My Game News Flash
Images: YouTube/ViralHog