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Do you remember where you were when you played your first Super Mario Bros. game? If you’re old-school like us, you’ll probably remember the feel of that rectangular gray NES controller in your hands, or if you’re Japanese old-school, then the burgundy Famicom controller probably means a great deal to you. If you are a bit younger, perhaps your first time with Nintendo’s rotund plumber was with Super Mario World or Super Mario 64. Or how about Super Mario Sunshine or Super Mario Galaxy? Needless to say, if you are a gamer, you’ve got a Mario memory somewhere in there!

Nintendo is excited to celebrate the 30 years of Mario this year, and they want you to head down the warp pipe to check out the history of Mario and what is coming up next.

The iconic Nintendo mascot is approaching his 30th birthday and his anniversary webpage has been updated to reflect that with a new video and a page that commemorates all the Super Mario games.

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The website was given a makeover with the stylings of the very first Super Mario Bros. game. But fans of other games shouldn’t fret; each and every Mario title has its own unique page that plays a video highlighting its special moments.

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Japanese Internet users took some time to share their own thought and feelings about the famous plumber, some couldn’t believe how old Mario was and others just reminisced fondly saying:

“Has it already been 30 years?”
“It feels like it has only been 10 years since 1985.”
“I haven’t played any of the DS games. I liked Mario Sunshine the best though.”
“When I was an elementary school student, it was amazing how deeply engrossed my sister and I were playing Mario.”
“The Mario series is really quite amusing. Each time there was some new component to figure out and you could never quite completely master it.”

This September, Nintendo wants to put your Mario nostalgia to good use; by putting the creativity in your own hands. Tentatively titled Mario Maker, this level-designing spiritual successor to Mario Paint allows you to create your own Super Mario levels and share them with your friends and the world on the Wii U.

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This project was announced back in 2014 and will be released to coincide with Mario’s 30th anniversary, a fitting present for all the Super Mario fans. With it, you will be able to make your own Mario memories for generations to come.

Source: Nintendo via My Game News Flash
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