Midori in more ways than one.

There’s a phrase in Japanese, yori dori midori, which describes a happy situation where you’ve got your pick from a number of attractive options. By coincidence, midori is also how you say “green” in Japanese, and so Starbucks Japan is combining the two possible meanings in its Yori Dori Midori campaign by giving us multiple sorts of tasty green-colored things to choose from.

As always, the star of the show is a new seasonal Frappuccino, this time called The Melon of Melon. There are, however, actually two melon flavors in the drink. Way at the bottom of the cup you’ll find a sauce made with orange melon pulp. Then comes the Frappuccino’s milk base, enhanced with green melon juice. Above the rim you’ll find swirls of melon-flavored whipped cream, and at the very top is drizzled green melon sauce.

Of course, they can’t call this the Yori Dori Midori campaign if you only have one option. If you want to skip the hybrid nature of a dessert drink and just have some straight-up dessert, Starbucks is offering two new types of matcha green tea sweets, Almond Milk Matcha Mousse and a Matcha White Chocolate Scone. The matcha flavor comes from tea leaves cultivated with compost made from Starbucks coffee bean dredges, so you could say they’re second-generation Starbucks desserts.

Starbucks will also be offering special green mugs and tumblers, as shown in the image above. Actually, it looks like there’s a kiwi tart or something similar in the bottom middle section of the collage. Starbucks hasn’t said anything officially about it, though, so we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that it materializes around the time the Melon of Melon Frappuccino goes on sale June 1.

Source: Starbucks via Entabe
Images: Starbucks
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