Beautiful dress comes from beautiful friendship, reminds us that sometimes the best cosplay outfit is one you make for someone else.

With anime cosplay reaching unprecedented heights of quality, it’s not unusual for cosplayers to spend many, many hours crafting their outfits, with the payoff finally coming when they get to show them off at an anime convention. But what makes Japanese Twitter user Kiron’s story different is that even though she poured her heart and soul into making this gorgeous reproduction of the gown worn by Sailor Moon’s Princess Serenity, Kiron herself never wore it, nor was it displayed at any otaku-oriented event.

As you might guess, Kiron is really into Sailor Moon, with her passion for the series going all the way back to the series’ initial TV broadcast in the mid-‘90s. Also a fan? Kiron’s friend, who was getting married this month, and asked her to make a Princess Serenity wedding dress for her.

So for the past month, Kiron threw herself into designing and sewing the dress. With time for only one fitting, she still managed to have it ready by the day of the ceremony, and as the pictures here prove, not only is it a faithful recreation of the anime garment, it’s beautiful enough to impress even those guests who were unaware of the magical girl reference.

While Kiron hasn’t shared any photos of the apparently camera-shy bride, she assures us that her friend looked stunning in it. “At the moment she came out wearing the dress, I felt so happy for her that I burst into gigantic tears,” she tweets.

It’s all a reminder that along with the evil-fighting and miraculous romance, one of the reasons Sailor Moon remains so important to so many fans is the series’ depictions of selfless friendship, inspiring fans to strive for that same ideal. Congratulations to Kiron’s friend, and to Kiron herself, otsukare-sama.

Source, images: Twitter/@kiron_milk

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