No Face is hungry for coins and when he looks this animated eating them, we can’t stop feeding him!

As soon as we found out that Studio Ghibli was adding a No Face piggy bank to their range of exclusive merchandise, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on one to see what it looked like in real life.

Placing our order early, we were able to avoid missing out, as the popular item sold out within a matter of days of being announced, and after a two-month wait, this gorgeous-looking box arrived on our doorstep.

The packaging features beautiful images from the Spirited Away scene where No Face turns into a ravenous monster, with a set of teeth and a desire to eat everything in its path.

This is the scene that served as the inspiration for the new product, which is called “Kaonashi Mushamusha Chokin Bako“, or “No Face Chomping Piggy Bank“.

Chomping is exactly what this piggy bank does, as it comes complete with a set of concealed teeth.

Once 30 grams of coins have been placed into the bowl, No Face springs to life, saying “Ah…ah…” while music from the monstrous movie scene plays. No Face then brings the bowl to his mouth, devours the coins, and closes his mouth with a burp.

To see the piggy bank in action, check out the video below:

It’s easy to save money when the piggy bank is so entertaining to use! If you do need to get at your savings, though, there’s no need to break the bank, as there’s an easy access point at the back to release your coins.

Also on the back is the speaker, where No Face’s music, burps and “ah…ah…” can be heard every time you make a deposit.

What makes the unusual piggy bank even more special is the impressive attention to detail, with tiny curves for the spirit’s lips…

▼ Beautifully sculpted hands…

▼ Well-designed teeth…

▼ And a gorgeous red bowl, just like the one seen in the movie.

▼ No Face’s distinctive mask is also beautifully well-made.

While the piggy bank is currently sold out at the Donguri Kyowakoku online store, fortunately Japan Trend Shop still has some in stock. With a price tag of 5,184 yen, the No Face piggy bank doesn’t come cheap but we’re hoping to make our money back by working him hard to save our coins!

Photos © SoraNews24