Watch this tiny camera effortlessly zip around school like an inquisitive bee.

Footage taken by camera-equipped drones can be absolutely spectacular, providing refreshing visual perspectives of gorgeously-captured scenery.

With loads of practice flying the little things, YouTube channel Katsu FPV shows viewers just how stunning drone filming can be by recording a group of high school girls in the confined spaces of a school building.

▼ Get ready for a unique viewing experience.

The seven girls featured in the video are part of Onnanocos, a creative project aimed at capturing “the vibrant beauty of smiling school girls”. Although the clip certainly achieved that goal, stellar camera work and deft drone piloting skills were what lifted the recording to levels not seen before.

▼ Like a little buzzing bee, the drone precariously
zipped by mere inches from one of the girl’s face…

▼ …through the outstretched arms of another…

▼ …and through a gauntlet of chair legs.

The original video showcases Onnanocos members with subdued behavior, which while intriguing in its own right, is arguably not as warm and welcoming as the second version below.

▼ Here, the girls greet the hovering camera as they would a close friend.

Which clip did you find more interesting? I personally preferred the second video for having a lighthearted ambiance. Either way, I think we can all agree the drone’s amazing pilot is the true star of the entire production.

Not everyone has to be that skillful with a drone to pull off amazing videos though, but as one fascinating honeymoon drone montage shows, all you need is commitment and a desire to create lasting memories.

Source: YouTube/Katsu FPV, Onnanocos via Crazy
Images: YouTube/Katsu FPV