Passersby were shocked to see the man surrounded by women with cameras at the side of the street.

In a country where you can buy scantily clad life-sized figurines, sexy body pillows with wrap-around legs, and enough erotic magazines to kill a person, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Japan is a place where anything goes when it comes to sex.

However, in reality it’s very different, with Japanese society being so conservative that there’s not a lot of openness when it comes to people’s sex lives, and you’d be hard pressed to find any displays of public affection like hugging or kissing while out on the street.

So you can imagine everyone’s shock when they saw this display outside one of the busiest areas in Tokyo recently.

Pictures on Twitter show a woman clearly stepping on a foreigner’s head outside Shibuya Station. While it might look like a cause for concern, pictures from a closer angle show what’s really going on.

The man and woman in the picture both appear to be indulging in some shoe fetishism out in public. Unfazed by the stares of people around them, the woman could be seen shoving the toe of her boot into the man’s mouth, before proceeding to walk on his body, in full view of passersby.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users recognised the man in the pictures to be a foot fetishist who goes by the name “Lou-chan”. According to his bio on social media, Lou-chan, who is from Brooklyn in New York, speaks fluent Japanese and sometimes teaches English, and while he has an undying passion for Japan, the only thing he likes more than Japan is getting stepped on by women.

▼ He said he had a lot of fun with the girls outside Shibuya Station.

Lou-chan says he gets a thrill from being bullied by Japanese women, and judging from some of the images from his recent trip to Japan, he met a number of young ladies around the country who were happy to give him what he wanted.

▼ He was even interviewed by a radio station in Osaka (that’s him getting stepped on under the table).

Getting your rocks off by having dirty shoes shoved into your mouth isn’t for everyone, but for Lou-chan it’s a fetish that won’t be subsiding any time soon. And with so many fancy shoes on the market in Japan, he has a wide range of styles to keep him and his dominant female friends entertained well into the future.

Source: Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Twitter/@myhero1118