This is your one chance to enter something of Mune Pharmaceutical’s, rather than the other way around.

A recent trend in Japanese business, fueled by the advent of social media, is to produce outlandish products designed more to shock and awe the masses rather than serve a useful function. Instant noodle maker Nissin has been at the forefront of this strategy having released highly unusual devices for their Cup Noodle and UFO brand products.

But Mune Pharmaceutical, an unlikely enema manufacturer out of Hyogo Prefecture, has also emerged in the novelty product game with an annual series of contests for unusual prizes.

▼ “Poop, win it.”

It all began in 2013 when Mune held a contest in which 100 lucky entrants would be sent two kilograms (4.4 pounds) of elephant crap. In their words, it was meant to be used as fertilizer, but what happens between a person and their elephant dung is their business.

▼ “D-drink poop?”

The following year was actually quite extravagant with Mune offering 30 packs of Kopi Luwak, often touted as the “most expensive coffee in the world” and has been pooped out of an Asian palm civet prior to selling.

▼ “Make-upoop”

In 2015, 50 people could win a special soap made from the poop of a Japanese bush warbler, known for its promotion of healthy skin. Consider that next time you wash your car.

Now, the 2018 prize has been announced, and you’ll be pleased to hear it contains no poo whatsoever.

▼ “Mune Pharmaceutical Original Large Intestine Muffler Present!”

Bare midriffs have been in recently in Japan, so Mune decided to take it one step further and offer the fashion of “bare large intestines.” Only 30 scarves of this kind are being made, featuring a bold intestinal pattern which makes the statement that you’re a woman or man of the 2010s who knows what they want and clearly has the guts to get it.

Residents of Japan can enter to win this stylish neckwear from now until 31 December on the dedicated website linked below. There you can also learn 30 different ways to wear your Large Intestine Muffler and read an interview with the model, working under the pseudonym Uncho Dashitalina (which roughly translates to “I Took a Poo-lina”) and showing an amazing degree of professionalism on this particular assignment.

This kind of clothing, and other enema-themed gimmicks like Kan-chan the disposable-enema-penguin-mascot, may be jokes, but folks, regularity is no laughing matter. So we encourage you to not only enter this contest, but let Mune Pharm’s premium enemas enter your clogged passages whenever necessary – for your health!

Source, images: Mune Pharmaceutical Large Intestine Muffler Contest
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