Although hamster fans may argue it is, in fact, the broccoli which sucks at being eaten.

It ought to be said that, pound for pound, hamsters are amazing pets. Of course, there’s the obvious ability of being able to stuff an impressive amount of food into their cheeks, but we’ve also seen the tiny rodents befriend snakes and tend bar on occasion.

But we are none of us perfect, and hamsters are no exception. Japanese Twitter user @ikachiku47chi9 has possibly found a chink in the voracious appetite of the cuddly creatures: a small sprig of broccoli.

Glancing at the video at first, you might think the rodent is deftly handling that relatively large piece of vegetable by shoving it all the way into its mouth. But it doesn’t take to long to see that it isn’t really getting anywhere with it.

As the seconds tick by, chunks of the flowery part fly off and cover the arm of the hamster’s owner. In an odd way, the more it eats the piece the less it eats of it. I’d be upset by the waste of this nutritious and delicious food, if it weren’t so gosh darn cute.

Others agreed:

“It looks like he’s pruning it rather than eating it.”
“It’s getting smaller, but the hamster hasn’t swallowed a single bite!”
“Argh that’s so cute, I’m gonna die. Thank you!”
“Look at that broccoli fly!”
“He’s almost got it in there!”

Now, sure it’s probably unfair to smear all hamsters with the poor eating habits of a single specimen as I have, but I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway. After learning that they eat fish way more politely than I ever will, I need this.

Source: Twitter/@ikachiku47chi9, Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@ikachiku47chi9