Rather than run away to a virtual world, he figured out a way to take something fun about video games and use it to fight off daily drudgery.

While different armchair philosophers peg the exact amount at various points between 50 and 90 percent, it’s often said that a big part of life is simply showing up. But the sad flipside is that even if you show up, there’s no guarantee that opportunities for happiness will present themselves. Sometimes you go to work or school, and all that’s waiting for you is a routine day of mundane grinding, making you wonder why you even bothered getting out of bed.

Recently, Japanese Twitter user Kyo-kun (@1122g_) found himself in such an unhappy rut, so he decided to take a page from the world of online gaming and start giving himself a log-in bonus for his daily life.


After a quick trip to discount store Daiso, Kyo-kun came home with a calendar/organizer, with separate pouches for each day of the month. After hanging it in his home, he stuck a 500-yen (US$4.50) coin into the pouch for each day, giving him a concrete, immediate reward of spending cash for logging into real life. Then he stuck an extra one-thousand yen bill into the pockets for each Monday (when everyone could use a little extra boost) and also the last day of the month, as a special salute to his hard work over the past four-and-a-half weeks.

This display of optimism-boosting ingenuity inspired others around the Internet, who left comments including;

“What a wonderful system for getting yourself through a rough patch in life.”
“It’s easier to keep making an effort when you know there’s something good coming in return.”
“I’m going to try something like this to help me stick to the diet I’m on.”
“I’d give myself an extra bonus on Fridays instead, to power my last spurt for the work week.”
“So if the last day of the month is also a Monday, do you give yourself 3,000 yen?”

Technically, since Kyo-kun is giving himself 500 yen a day with an additional 1,000 on Mondays or the last day of the month, if the end of the month fell on a Monday, he should give himself 2,500 yen, not 3,000. Any way you do the math, though, giving yourself a tiny pat on the back for doing your best every day, even if nothing out of the ordinary happens, seems like a great way to make sure you keep showing up, even if the game of life can sometimes fell like a kusoge.

Source: Twitter/@1122g_ via IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@1122g_
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