Hats, rucksacks, aprons and bumbags are just some of the items in the new Ziploc fashion collection hitting streets this summer.

In a saturated market where girls have been known to sell advertising space on their armpits, big companies in Japan will do anything to get noticed these days. It’s the reason why chocolate manufacturers anthropomorphise their products and instant noodle brands set their ads in fictional host clubs, and also the reason why Japanese clothing label Beams has now stunned the world with an amazing new Ziploc collaboration.

That’s right – the world’s premier brand of reusable, re-sealable zipper storage bags now has its very own fashion collection. And to help make sure the range gets noticed, Beams and Ziploc have teamed up to make a series of online ads for some of their most unusual items, in the style of cheesy T.V. shopping commercials.

This first clip showcases the Ziploc rucksack, which is set to retail for a whopping 14,040 yen (US$126.67).

▼ Next up in the collection is the Ziploc umbrella, for 9,936 yen.

And that’s not all – there’s a tote bag for 11,880 yen, an apron for 10,800 yen, and a bumbag for 9,504 yen.

And the Ziploc collection doesn’t end there. Rounding off the collection is a sun visor for 9,072 yen…


▼ And a cap for 9,720 yen.

Some of the more affordable items in the range are the Sacoche Saddle Bag, which comes in a choice of five colours for 1,944 yen…

And the Pouch, which also comes in a choice of five colours for 1,296 yen each.

Despite the whacky Ziploc-style design, each product has been carefully made to be extremely durable, with designer tags included.

▼ And the resealable Ziploc feature takes pride of place on each piece.

The collection went on sale at select Beams stores around Japan from 15 August. The range will be available to purchase at the official online store from 20 August.

Source: Beams
Featured image: Beams
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