Sake and sushi Kit Kats among those joining the family.

A little over a year ago, we feasted our eyes on the artistic creations of illustrator Cioccolato-kun, who also goes by @cioccolatodorima on Facebook. Cioccolato-kun’s name consists of the Italian word for “chocolate” followed by “-kun,” a suffix that often gets tacked onto male names in Japan (think of it as a somewhat more masculine, casual version of “-san.”), which makes sense because Cioccolato-kun draws pictures of handsome anime-style men based on various Kit Kat flavors.

With Kit Kat rolling out new products in Japan more or less constantly, a few new muses have captivated Cioccolato-kun in the past year, so let’s check in with the artist once again to see the newest members of the handsome anthropomorphized family.

Starting off, nothing says “Japanese Kit Kats” like the brand’s sake flavors. After the roaring success of the original sake Kit Kat

… Nestlé followed up with the new Masuizumi sake version that uses even higher-quality ingredients.

Sticking with Japan-inspired flavors, the stylish sushi Kit Kats that were part of the grand opening of the new Kit Kat Chocolatory specialty store in Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood also got the Kit Kat Boy treatment. Don’t worry, Nestlé is too smart to actually use fish in a dessert, and instead uses raspberry, melon with cheese, and Japanese pumpkin pudding as stand-ins for tuna, sea urchin, and egg.

Speaking of pumpkin pudding, that’s also one of the limited-time flavors Nestlé sells at Halloween in Japan, so Cioccolato-kun did another pumpkin pudding illustration with seasonally appropriate attire.

Raspberry also gets a grown-up, solo version.

Going from Japanese to Western cuisine, the Kit Kat Gateau Mignon, with its chocolate cake center, is represented with enough suave sophistication to fit right in at a fancy Parisian patisserie.

The Iwaizumi Yogurt Kit Kats were part of a typhoon relief promotion for Iwate Prefecture, so it’s fitting that their Kit Kat Boy has kind, concerned expression.

Even the ever-so-slightly labor-intensive cheesecake Kit Kat that you bake in the oven before eating is here.

Other additions to Cioccolato-kun’s growing portfolio include sakura matcha

choco banana

soy sauce

…and blueberry cheesecake.

Every artist needs time to rest between projects, but we’re hoping that Cioccolato-kun recharges quickly, because we can’t wait to see the talented illustrator does with the 12 brand-new birthstone Kit Kats.

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Featured image: Facebook/cioccolatodorima