Project Eevee teams up with convenience store Lawson to provide cute Pokémon packaging for the chain’s newest tasty chicken offerings.

We imagine Project Eevee, the official PR account for all things Eevee, is having a great time lately. Their Pokémon of choice is getting top billing alongside series’ mascot Pikachu in their new game for the Switch, and Eevees swarmed Yokohama in a dramatic parade this summer.

This month, Eevee also set her big, dewy eyes on the food industry. Having already conquered summer beverages in vending machines across Japan, this time she’s jumping into the piping-hot world of convenience store fried chicken! And what better chicken to collaborate with than Lawson, whose juicy nuggets have proven irresistible to even the most famous celebrities?

▼ The new mild curry flavor comes in an adorable Eevee-patterened box

While you may expect that the limited flavor, a delectable mild Japanese curry, would be the only chicken to benefit from Eevee’s cute visage… guess again! All of the existing flavors get a cuteness boost, with Eevee’s initial evolutions starring on their cardboard containers.

Water-type Vaporeon promotes the regular nuggets, while of course fiery Flareon is in charge of the spicy red nuggets. Electric Jolteon covers Hokkaido cheese, and Eevee gives an encore with the Tokushima Sudachi citrus flavor! The cardboard boxes are so cute you might find yourself coming back to Lawson again and again to catch ’em all.

Eevee vs Karaage kun! Who’s the king of chicken wing flapping?

The Eevee promotion will be sold at Lawson stores across Japan from September 18 and each packet will cost 216 yen (US$1.90) including tax. Why not pick up a pack and take it to work?

Source, images: Lawson