Adorable guest is sure to boost Poké-productivity.

I’ve got a lot of things to be thankful for in life, and one of them is that sometimes, for my job, I get to go out and see Pokémon, like last week when I met celebrity chef Pikachu at his brand-new Pokémon Café in downtown Tokyo. But this month, some lucky office workers in Japan get to have Pokémon come to them.

Eevee is currently in the middle of the Eevee Company Visit program, in which the beloved Pocket Monster is visiting select offices to meet with their employees and top managers.

While some of these visits are to organizations that have strong ties to the Pokémon franchise, such as toy maker Banpresto, Eevee is also heading to meet-and-greets at companies that have no connection to the anime or video game industries. Above, she shakes hands with the president of offbeat office supply company King Jim, and she also stopped by Tanita, a manufacturer of weight scales and other personal wellness devices.

▼ Eevee tries out the healthy lunches at Tanita’s nationally famous employee cafeteria.

Of course, even in Japan, most office buildings aren’t designed with Pokémon access in mind. Because of that, sometimes the elevators, halls, and doorways Eevee passes through during her visits are a bit of a tight fit, though always adorably so.

▼ Banpresto’s lobby is pretty spacious, though.

Sometimes, Eevee even meets her counterparts at the companies she’s visiting, like when she hung out with King Jim’s anthropomorphized document binder mascot.

Although it’s never mentioned in the Pokémon anime or video games, apparently one of Eevee’s abilities is “business etiquette.” In addition to bowing politely when meeting her hosts, she makes sure to wipe her feet when coming in from outside, and also dutifully wore a name tag while at the King Jim offices, just in case there were any non-Pokémon fans on the staff who didn’t already know her name.

However, in a break with orthodox Japanese business manners, Eevee is totally OK with giving/receiving hugs, as specifically mentioned in the Eevee Company Visit policy guidelines and as seen in these heartwarming moments from her meetings with the presidents of King Jim and Tanita.

▼ Best day at work ever?

The Eevee Company Visit project continues until March 31, and interested offices can apply online here.

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Source: Twitter/@project_eevee via IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@kingjim

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