Japanese company’s gadget for summoning life force for your devices is awesome…but maybe too awesome to be real.

According to electrical engineers, cordless charging fills up your electronic device’s battery by utilizing electromagnetic fields. But let’s be honest, here. That can’t possibly be true, can it?

Clearly, the only way to transfer electricity from one place to another without the use of wires is to rely on the time-tested method for manipulating elemental forces: magic. And as proof, just take a look at this video.

Sure, at first glance it looks like a cordless charging pad. But as soon the phone is set down, the surface’s true nature is revealed, as the mystical runes etched into it illuminate and reveal a magic circle, an aesthetic seen in multiple fantasy anime and video games, such as Fullmetal Alchemist.

This stylish summoning circle for battery life was created by Japan’s Six Seconds Shop (also known as Rokubyo Shoten), and it’s been grabbing attention and tugging at the wallets of people around the globe. Online commenters have been asking, in various languages, just how much money Six Seconds Shop wants them to immediately send to get a charging magic circle of their own, but there’s an unfortunate catch.

Though it bills itself as “an interior shop with products you’ll want after seeing them for just six seconds,” Six Seconds Shop isn’t currently offering any products for sale. Granted, that may be because Six Seconds Shop just started posting videos a week ago, and is still gearing up for actual production and distribution. Or it could be that the company is just a concept/visual design initiative, and cool-looking videos are the beginning and end of its ambitions.

▼ That’s also why you can’t walk into a stationery store and buy Six Seconds Shop’s speaker-equipped eraser that lets you hear the screams of the words you’re rubbing out of existence.

Still, Six Seconds Shop does seem to be claiming that the pad is functional, as it also tweeted the video with the message “We built a wireless charging pad that looks like it uses the power of magic.” Theoretically, it shouldn’t be too hard to produce a pad with a sequential light show at start-up, and with all the online attention the video has been getting, a crowdfunding project seems like it’d be a slam dunk.

Source: YouTube/ 6秒商店 via Jin
Images: YouTube/ 6秒商店