Stationery that looks, and smells, good enough to eat!

From memo pads that slowly reveal a 3-D temple as you use them, through to scratch and sniff stickers that smell like animal bellies, the world of Japanese stationery is a surprising and exciting one to explore.

Now we can add mouthwatering to that list of superlatives, thanks to a new product from Japanese company Geo Design, who’s created the soy sauce fish bottle pen.

These little fish-shaped bottles are usually tucked inside bento boxes, conveniently providing just the right amount of soy sauce for adding flavour to the boxed meal. Now, instead of being filled with soy sauce, these adorable bottles will be filled with ink, and served up in cute packaging that makes it look like the real thing.

▼ Don’t mistakenly pop this into your lunch box!

These new tiny pens don’t just look like the real thing, they smell like it too, as the ink inside the container has been designed to have a soy sauce aroma. They’re also the same size as the bento box bottles, and have the same squidgy texture, making them a delight to hold and use.

▼ You won’t want to use these on an empty stomach.

The pen also comes with a ball chain strap so you can hang it off your bag or pencil case for everyone to admire.

The more you write, the more you can enjoy the scent of soy sauce, but for those who prefer the flavour of tomato sauce (a.k.a ketchup), Geo Design has you covered with this cute “sister product”.

▼ The tomato sauce pen smells like… yep, you guessed it–tomato sauce!

The new sauce bottles make a great addition to Geo Design’s other food-inspired stationery products, which include ball-pen chopsticks and tofu memo pads.

Both new mini pens were released onto the market on 2 March, and can be snapped up for 880 yen (US$8.12) each at stationery shops and the official Geo Design online store.

Featured image: Geo Design
Insert images: Geo Design (1, 2)

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