Now you can enjoy the taste of Milky candy in a milk-tacular milkshake.

The joys of McDonald’s in Japan lies in their incredibly innovative seasonal menus, which can contain anything from springtime sakura delights to collaborations with famous chocolatiers like Godiva.

One company that has never crossed the McDonald’s collaboration threshold is Fujiya, a household name in Japan due to their incredibly tasty cookies and creamy hard candies. Their flagship milk candy Milky is especially famous, with statues of Peko, the girl from its packaging stationed all over Japan. Its slogan, “Milky wa mama no aji” (“Milky is the taste of Mommy“) is still famous to this day. Here, the “taste of Mommy” stands in for the comforting, warm presence that children are likely to feel towards their mother, rather than anything salacious.

▼ Often pictured with her tongue out, licking her lips, there’s no mistaking Peko when you see her.

Image: © SoraNews24  

That all changes on April 21, when McDonald’s and Fujiya will join forces to bring McDonald’s customers a brand new treat in the form of “McShake Milky no mama no aji” (“Milky’s Taste of Mommy McShake“), plus a collaborative “Waffle Cone Ichigo no Milky no mama no aji” (“Strawberry Milky’s Taste of Mommy Waffle Cone“) soft serve.

▼ The official McDonald’s Japan Twitter asked users to guess which of the products would be graced with Peko’s milky blessing.

▼ The McShake and soft-serve ice cream products in all their Peko-riffic perfection.

The McShake will cost 120 yen (US$1.10) for a small-sized serving and 140 yen for a medium-sized serving. The paper cup that the shake is served in will sport one of four different designs, as shown here.

Meanwhile, the ice cream cone will be a heftier purchase at 250 yen per cone. The ice cream also features the distinctive creamy taste of Milky candy, mixed with a double helping of both Milky and Strawberry Milky-flavored sauces. The whole affair is topped with a generous sprinkling of crushed strawberry-flavored waffle cone pieces, and is served in an adorably colorful floral wrapper that harks back to Milky candy packaging.

▼ All other waffle cones will be served in the same wrapping during the collaboration period.

▼ The colorful polka-dot wrapping calls back to the twist wrap around the milk candy itself.

Image: © SoraNews24 

Make sure to order yourself a tasty creamy Milky treat at McDonald’s while stocks last. It might be one of your last chances to grab one of the McDonald’s Oreo cakes too, so why not go all out?

Source, images: McDonald’s Japan
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