Think you got what it takes to be a Big Shogun Space Avenger? Time to put your money where your mouth is.

Japan is well into the autumn season now and it’s a great time of year to spend outdoors. The cool weather is perfect for a stroll through the colorful foliage or a picnic in the park. That’s exactly the mood our writer Masanuki Sunakoma was in when he found himself in Oita City one fine autumn day.

Bentos make a perfectly portable picnic platter for such an occasion. However, something about this particular weather also tends to strengthen a man’s appetite, and Masanuki was looking for something a little heavier than usual.

So it was a stroke of luck that he encountered Big Shogun Bento just ten minutes drive from Oita Station. Its signage boasted the “strongest mega helpings” and even the phone number “8181” was read to mean “I’m stuffed!!” in Japanese (with a little liberty taken in the pronunciation).

True to its name, Big Shogun had an array of meat-laden bentos with names reminiscent of boss characters from old NES games like Miso Karaage Meteo Bento, Chicken Nanban Niagara Bento, and Big Shogun Galaxy Monster Bento.

But it was the Big Shogun Space Avengers Bento that caught Masanuki’s eye. This fully-loaded lunch box is originally priced at 3,980 yen (US$35), but was on sale for only 2,980 yen ($26) at the time.

Not one to pass up a deal like that, Masanuki ordered one. However, a meal of this scale needed to be ordered a day in advance, so his picnic would have to wait.

The following day he returned to Big Shogun Bento, excited to take on the Space Avengers Bento. As the shop keeper hauled out the massive meal in a blue floral print bag, Masanuki face went pale.

“It’s really heavy,” the clerk advised, “so be sure to keep an arm underneath it.” Masanuki gently accepted and cradled the bento as if he were being given a child.

After carrying it out to his car, he headed for the nearest park to enjoy his autumn picnic. As he drove, his eye kept wandering to the blue behemoth next to him. His heart began to race with anticipation of what lay inside, but by all indications this picnic was to be no picnic.

After unwrapping the Big Shogun Space Avengers Bento, an invisible force knocked Masanuki back a step. Raw power emanated from this active volcano of fired shrimp, fried pork cutlets, fried potato croquettes, fried chicken, and more, all resting on a dense core of piping hot rice.

This was more than enough to serve at a family gathering, weighing in at four kilograms (nine pounds). Masanori was clearly in way over his head trying to eat the Big Shogun Space Avengers Bento by himself, but this was his mission.

Terrified but unwavering, he descended on the food.

Gnawing on chicken and potato, he took heaping spoonfuls of rice with gusto in the hopes that sheer momentum would carry him through this monstrous challenge. He ate and ate until it felt as if there were no more space available for any food to fit into his body.

Only after reaching this point did Masanuki sit back and assess the damage.

He had made but a small dent in the mountain of fried foods. Despite feeling like he had eaten more than he ever had in his life, the Big Shogun Space Avengers Bento’s newly-formed opening appeared to be howling in laughter, mocking Masanuki’s puny appetite.

He began to tear up, knowing there was nothing more that could be done. The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak.

When it comes to bentos and fried chicken, Oita Prefecture was playing with forces and proportions way beyond his understanding. In one final burst of strength, Masanuki held his bento up to the gods and cursed them for forsaking him.

▼ “I need heeeeeeelllllllp!”

Then, our reporter gently closed the lid, wrapped the Big Shogun Space Avengers Bento back up, and drove away.

Meanwhile, in the far depths of the Milky Way, Big Shogun Yoshimitsu removed his eye from the lens of his high-powered telescope and turned to his friend the Galaxy Monster, saying, “Looks like another potential space avenger has failed the test….”

Store Information
Mega Mori Big Shogun Bento Minami Oita Store / メガ盛り大将軍弁当 南大分店
Address: Oita-ken, Oita-shi, Okuda, Takanamachi-cho 11-1
Weekdays: 10:30 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Weekends: 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Open 365 days a year

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