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Mark June 18, 2016 on your calendars, because these two iconic ladies of Japanese horror are returning to the silver screen in the exact same movie.

In a battle between the curse of the video and the curse of the house, who will reign supreme as the most terrifying? The new movie Sadako vs Kayako pits the two terrors against each other in what we can only assume is a run or be killed screamfest.

For horror fans, these two names need no introduction, but if you don’t enjoy watching movies that scare the bejesus you, you might want to find something happy to do on June 18.

Mizuki Yamamoto was the first official casting announcement for the film and she will be playing Yuri Kurahashi, a girl with the misfortune of becoming caught between Sadako and Kayako. Yamamoto will be joined in the movie by…

▼ Aimi Satsukawa (right) as Natsumi. She and Yuri (left) watch the cursed video together.

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▼  Tina Tamashiro as Suzuka Takagi. She has the misfortune of exploring the cursed house.

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▼ Masanobu Ando as Keizo, a spirit medium.

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Other announced roles are Masahiro Komota as Shinichi Morishige, a professor who’s taken an interest in the video and Misato Tanaka as Fumiko Takagi, who’s playing the role of Suzuka’s mother.

The official trailer hasn’t been released yet, but we can only imagine it to be filled to the bathtub-brim with extreme creepiness and horror. The original Japanese versions of The Ring and The GrudgeRingu and Ju-On, respectively—are some of the best horror films to have been made, and surprisingly, the American remakes hold their own pretty well, too. If you haven’t seen them yet, treat yourself to a sleepless few nights and give them a try. You’ll be thanking us in the morning…or should that be thankful that it is morning?

Source: My Game News Flash
Top Image: YouTube/シネマトゥデイ