The cat-shaped boxes come in three adorable varieties.

Nothing beats eating your lunch out of a box that suits your tastes. Whether your passion is Star Wars, unicorns, or race cars, odds are having a lunch box decorated with your favorite things is going to bring you joy every day.

Even better is having a limited-edition lunchbox, one that no one else has! That’s why we love these adorable lucky cat-shaped boxes that were previously available for a limited time two years ago, and which are now coming out with three new designs!

This time around there is a white cat, a striped cat, and a black and white cat, named Koharu, Futa, and Subaru, respectively. Each box has an elastic collar that also doubles as a way to keep your box together, and when you first buy it, you’ll also get a different special bento meal with each one.

Koharu, the fluffy white cat with mismatched eyes, comes with a seafood bento, complete with rice with scallops, pollack sauteed in basil, shrimp cakes, and sauteed vegetables.

Futa, the tabby cat, takes a more western approach to his meal, including jambalaya rice, a hamburger steak with tomato sauce, and a fried fish filet.

The very handsome black-and-white Subaru takes a little more of a Japanese course, with chirashizushi, chicken cooked with malted rice, and a shrimp filet patty with tartar sauce. The omelette even has little pawprints on it!

The three original bentos that were released two years ago are also available again, so you have plenty to choose from. And of course, you can reuse the boxes for lunch, storing small items, or any manner of adorable uses!

The bentos are now for sale at certain Japanese department store food sections in the Tokyo area. You can buy them every day from 10 a.m. at Tokyo Station’s Daimaru Department Store in front of the Yaesu North exit, and they’re also available at other locations and events, but those have specific sale dates and times, so your best bet is to hit up the Tokyo Station Daimaru if you want to get one.

When they inevitably run out of stock, they will also be selling consolation products, like macaroons, an original clock, and a miscellaneous goods set, so if they’re all sold out by the time you get there, don’t worry! You can get some of those cute limited edition goods instead. Plus, there are lots of other unique bentos you can buy and keep, especially when riding the bullet train.

Source, images: @Press

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