Japanese fashion label also shares videos showing the ridiculously huge number of customization options that ensure your shirt won’t look exactly like any other Pokémon fan’s.

Okay, so I’ve got good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad: Original Stitch, the Japanese clothing company behind the awesome Pokémon dress shirt line, got such a tremendous response to their idea that they’ve already sold out of their advance stock of shirts featuring 20 members of the Pokémon pantheon.

The good news, though, is that later this month Original Stitch will start taking orders for the full line, in which all 151 original Kanto region Pocket Monsters will be represented. Even better, it’s also begun sharing videos that show off just how advanced the customization options are, and also started unveiling the designs for the remaining 131 Pokémon we haven’t seen yet.

So how deep do the customization options go? Well, for starters, this single shirt features no fewer than three Pokémon species, as all three original starters, Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur are present and accounted for.

While it started out as a pure Squirtle shirt, the inside of the collar was changed to a Bulbasaur pattern, while Charmander was added to the inside fold of the cuffs. To see some of the other ways it could have turned out, click on the right arrow seen next to the shirt above, then hit the play button to start the video, in which a Slowpoke outer collar, Gyarados collar lining, and Magikarp cuffs all get tried out.

▼ There’s also a customization video for this completely different, equally cool three-starter shirt.

By the way, Original Stitch wants to make it clear that it’s making its Pokémon Shirts for women as well.

For example, the company has tagged its photos of both of these fetching Squirtle/Poliwag shirts (and their included videos) with “ladies casual.”

Original Stitch is also peeling back the curtain on what some of the as-yet-unseen patterns are going to look like. Since some are more abstract than others, each design shown in this series of photos is accompanied by a plushie of its corresponding Pokémon.

▼ Clicking on the right arrow reveals Raichu, Abra, and others.

▼ This stylish gentleman is modeling the Arbok shirt.

While Original Stitch’s shirts are made to order, sadly these Pikachu plushie-sized versions aren’t commercially available.

Getting back to the for-people versions, though, these comparative photo/video combos for even a pair of Jigglypuff/Vulpix shirts…

…or even these single-species Geodude designs, show that the customization options are practically limitless.

So really, maybe it’s a good thing that the complete lineup doesn’t go on sale until the end of the month, since we’re going to need a day or two to work out our perfect Pokémon Shirt design.

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